2021 - Branding / Art Direction
Vain Creative was approached by West Park to create their brand identity and Logo. West Park aims to shape pop culture through a New Zealand lens, creating an entirely digital entertainment network that focuses on authentic storytelling. The client wished for the branding to be “cool” but “approachable”. It was also important to have a colour scheme that stands out and pops, and within a New Zealand context something not seen before. The electric blue used for the brand is eye catching, being the primary colour we wanted it to always be associated with the West Park brand.
Pae Akea / Pae Ama program booklet
2021 - Editorial
As part of Vain Creative’s contracted work with the Department of Internal affairs, I designed an event booklet for their Pae Akea/Pae Ama workshop. As the workshop was for their Maori and Pasifika employees, the client emphasized the importance of incorporating pasifika imagery. Two key colours were chosen to help the booklet feel consistent and vibrant, with negative space incorporated to aid visual hierarchy.
NCEA Ma Le Pasifika
2021 - Branding
Vain Creative was asked along with other creative groups to come up with a logo re design for NCEA Ma Le Pasifika, unfortunately our submission did not make it to the next stage.
Vain Creative
2020 - Branding / Art Direction / Social Media
Vain is a design agency comprised of 4 Pacific Island creatives. We specialise in a wide range of services, including UX design, CaD 3D design, videography, photography and graphic and identity design which I lead.

The name vain was chosen to represent a combination of pride, innovation and culture. When Vain is broken down into two parts, “va” is the space between individuals or groups and it connects individuals and groups to one another. “in” represents innovation being a new idea or method.

Vain’s aesthetic is intentional, we wanted to move away from stereotypical “Pacific Island” visual motifs. This is because vain feels that it hurts the development of Pacific design, by keeping us in a box.
Cover Art
2019/2020 - Motion Design / Animation / Story Telling
This project involved the design of a cover art and music visualiser for a Wellington based artist called Shaebaby. The commissioned work quickly became a passion project not only because I have known the artist for many years, but because it was my first commissioned cover art design.The concept behind the design was to visually represent the track ‘Exposed’ as Shaebaby’s first ‘love song’. The flower and lady bug were chosen to really romanticise the cover art, capturing a sweet and blissful moment. The Serif font was chosen to compliment the soft imagery and give a vintage and playful touch to the cover. The visualiser plays with the idea of diving deep into Shae’s thoughts, uncovering his more vulnerable side. The falling petals provide depth to emphasise this, and reinforce the idea of a captured, blissful moment.
Exposed (Track)
Music Visualizers
2019/2020 - Motion Design / Animation / Story Telling
While freelancing I produced multiple music visualizers for up and coming artists. The purpose of the visualizer was to be used as promotion for a new single or album. The videos were designed to flow seamlessly in a loop, making them perfect for social media. The visualizers are  made from scratch using the already existing Cover art as a guide. These original artworks often came to me as flat images, therefore, a lot of work went into separating the image into animatable layers. The Visualizers shown are formatted for social media, specifically Instagram.
01. Hardo
Plug up da streets (Track)
02. D Savage
Trust No One (Album)
03. YoTrane
Waves (Track)
Yo Trane Lyric Video
2019 - Type Layout / Art Direction
The client for this project was Yo Trane, a Los Angeles based RnB Artist/Songwriter who had just recently released his single titled Pullin Up. I was given the opportunity to create a lyric video for the track, and was also given a reasonable amount of creative freedom to develop the visuals based on my interpretation of the track. The tracks feeling of nostalgia, regret & sadness are what influenced the outdated VCR aesthetic. Footage was sourced from free to use retro clips of New York clubs, helping to reinforce a feeling of disconnect and emphasising that Yo Trane is observing the club scene more than he is participating in it.
Small details were changed to fit the client’s teams requests, however the project featured below is my favourite rendition.
All Def Media
2019 - Social Media

All Def is a multi-platform media company leveraging the cultural power of Hip-Hop, Comedy, and Social Justice. Their social presence is already established on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube where they have a huge following. In this role I was a graphic designer within the department of short form content. This involved creating new graphics and templates for their different social media channels. In this role I was encouraged to push boundaries and develop new concepts that helped keep All Def at the forefront of media production.

Instagram Video Post
Instagram Music Anniversary
Music artist social media reaction
Graphic Exploration
2019 - Curation
This was a personal project, visually exploring the evolution of A$AP Rocky from 2011-2013.
Vinyl Cover of "Live Love Asap" in plastic sleeve
Receipt of A$AP Rocky's "Live Love Asap" project
Ticket to Drake's "Club Paradise Tour" A$AP Rocky was also part of this tour
CD Cover of A$AP Rocky's Album "Live Love Asap"
Brwn Suga
Magazine #1
2018 - Editorial / Photography / Interview / Branding
Brwn Suga is an independent publication that aims to empower emerging Pasifika Artists and Designers, by challenging stereotypes around Pasifika creative work, and providing a platform to represent contemporary PI artists and designers. The magazine features a range of creatives and work from multiple disciplines, exploring the unique and interesting individuals that shape contemporary Pasifika design.
This project has been an honour to create and I am humbled to have had the amazing opportunity to work with such talented people. Brwn Suga has the ability to reach a wide range of budding Pasifika creatives, giving them the inspiration they need to reach their full potential.
Lost & Found Exhibition
2018 - Branding / Art Direction
Lost & Found was an exhibition that explored the human condition through an innate loneliness found within the inanimate, and the romantic ability to apply meaning to such. This exhibition was created by a team of Designers and Fine Artists who all brought their unique range of skills to the table. The exhibition branding was designed to respond to both the overall concept, as well as the physical space in which we exhibited - a near century old building that had been left uninhabited as a result of earthquake damage. My roles in the project involved contributing towards the creation and development of the exhibitions branding and voice, as well as the overall art direction.
Lost & Found Social Media Promotional Video
Exhibition Poster
Large Format Print at entrance
Exhibition Brochure
Brochure also featured A3 Poster
GIF of Website
Paintings featured
Lost & Found Exhibition Tote Bags
Branding Hype
2017 - Editorial / Event Curation / Branding
For this project we were asked to create a Conference based around an aspect in design of our choosing. I chose the idea of Brands and labels, specifically within streetwear and fashion. With the conference we were to choose speakers and a key speaker relevant to our topic, my conference had the likes of Kanye West and Tinker Hatfield. The Conference would also need promotion so we would need to create a poster which will be situated at the location.