West Park, an Auckland-based multimedia company, reached out to us at Vain for help in developing their brand identity and logo. They're all about showcasing New Zealand culture in an authentic way, with a focus on digital entertainment and storytelling. The aim was to create a brand identity that reflects West Park's mission and resonates with its audience as they establish a unique presence in the realm of digital entertainment.
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Production company with a kiwi lens

West Park is a youth-led media company that prioritizes indigenous narratives and impactful storytelling to engage audiences across different platforms like television, film, podcasts, and social media. Their content creation aims to connect with the next generation, utilizing various media forms to effectively communicate messages and foster understanding.
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Using their strong brand identity was vital. As a production company, I aimed to showcase video and photography. The brand's significant blue color led me to create a bold design that maximized contrast.
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