Navāgate is a free event for Māori and Pasifika entrepreneurs and creatives. We made it based on the Pacific Ideology of Vā, which is about the social connections between people and groups. We wanted to create a safe place for them to meet and connect with each other, kind of like a community. This helps them make new contacts and work together.
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Branding / Social Media / Art Direction

A networking space for Pasifika creatives

Initiatives like Navāgate are really important because they help communities that don't always get as much attention. By giving entrepreneurs and creatives from these groups a place to show their work and connect with others, it can open up new chances for them to do well. This might mean finding new people to work with, forming partnerships, and working together in ways that can make both their projects and their cultures stronger.
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The name "Navāgate" was influenced by our Polynesian ancestors who traveled and explored the Pacific Ocean. Just like them, we, as Pasifika creatives, also need to find our way in the modern world. During our first event, we had more than 70 people attending. This successful start will give us the energy to keep going with more events in the future. I was in charge of creating the overall brand look, which includes everything from how we show ourselves on social media to the materials we use online and in print.
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